Twitch Prime Pack Fortnite Skin 3 Release Date 2019

Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack 3 Skin Release date news - 

With the new season 7 now almost over we're expecting a new Twitch Prime Pack very soon. But could it arrive at the start of Season 8? That's what I'm gonna tell you!

Twitch Prime Pack Fortnite Skin 3 Release Date

Here's the short story - Fortnite should be receiving the third Twitch Prime at the beginning of season 8 in Fortnite.

The other Twitch Prime packs launched within the first week or so of the new seasons hitting the game, and now that we're firmly into the sixth week of Season 7, it stands to reason that we'll see Twitch Prime Pack 3 dropping at the beginning of season 8. But when the question was directly asked to Fortnite Customer Support they have mentioned the currently (at season 7) there is no plan for the Twitch Prime Pack 3, but when another person asked they have said that "soon".

Edit 1: As Apex Legends launched which is a similar game to Fortnite (Battle Royale Genre), Fortnite has been giving away free stuff (skins, wraps, etc) as Apex Legends reached 10 million players in 2 days, Fortnite took 10 days! So, the Twitch Prime Pack 3 will surely release on the Season 8 of Fortnite.

Some Twitch streamers are also waiting when will the Twitch Prime Pack 3 come out, as they earn huge amounts of money whenever a Prime Pack is released.
But in my opinion and previous history, I think the Twitch Prime Pack 3 will be released on Season 8 of Fortnite.
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For anyone that doesn't know, the Twitch Prime Packs offer Fortnite players free cosmetic content to use in-game if they're a member of Twitch Prime and add a special package to their Epic account.
I'll update you as soon as anything is confirmed. 

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